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Rocking W – The Story

This consulting firm was created to provide the highest quality professional services for IT and business process change delivery.  I’d been thinking about branching out on my own for a couple of years and had spent the past year making plans. I was serving as a project manager for a major financial services company in Des Moines and wanted to offer more to clients than my role allowed.  I’d been in the company for about four years, after having spent nearly three decades serving in the U.S. Army as a logistics officer. I’d say those years in the Army, spent with the best soldiers in the world, shaped me into a servant leader, with the spirit of an entrepreneur.

After careful consideration and analysis, I decided to go against the flow, and chose Perry Iowa as the location for my company.  Perry’s proximity to the Des Moines metropolitan area, coupled with its small-town appeal, and need for continued economic development, aligned well with my beliefs and values.  We’re going to partner with talent resources across the region while keeping a focus on providing opportunities for professional services experience to the youth in the community – our current and future workforce.

How’d we come up with the name for the business?  Well, I kind of borrowed the name from my parents.  In 1970, my mom and dad painted “Rocking W” on a rock, that still sits in front of their home near Leesburg, Virginia.  My parents provided a solid foundation for our family and taught us the value of hard work and dedication.  Most importantly, they set an example of how to be servant leaders and how to give more than you take.

15 thoughts on “Rocking W – The Story

  1. You live servant leadership Rob, which is why I consider you one of my premier mentors. Best of luck in all future endeavors.

    1. Thank you very much Dennis. It means a lot to me. I think we make a pretty good team. 👍

  2. Awesome name and loving the site, Rob! Looking forward to watching this grow!!

    1. Thanks Dave!

  3. You are the consummate servant leader Rob. And, you have a track record of proven success with results that improve organizations and Teams. It’s been great to watch you lead diverse Teams through complex challenges and get continuously outstanding results. Best of luck.

    1. Thank you Greg!

  4. Awesome site Sir ! I love the background story. Best of luck on your journey.

    1. Thank you Terry! We have got to get together soon. Been way to long.

    2. Thank you Terry!

  5. Rob, you have the energy, determination, and vision needed to make any organization succeed. Most importantly, you treat everyone fairly and with dignity and respect. Thank you for serving as a mentor for me over the past several years. I’m excited for you and am looking forward to watching your company grow.

    1. Thank you Theresa !

  6. I highly recommend Rob Wiley as a consultant for operations, logistics, planning and leadership. I have known him for over thirteen years. As a retired Army Colonel and current financial services professional, he maintains an exceptional mix of practical experience, valuable education, critical skills and insight for organizational success. I saw his expertise first hand while we were both deployed together in Iraq.

    Rob has the foresight for strategic planning combined with a caring personality to lead, guide, mentor and motivate people for unity of effort. I have personally witnessed his superior skills of analysis, planning, organization, leadership, communication and teamwork. His impact leverages individual attributes into group synergy.

    His other strengths include the ability to train and motivate people in order to accomplish goals for team victories. He sets high standards and leads by example with synchronization, quality control and production management. He has tremendous ability to lead people with a calm demeanor under dynamic conditions.

    Rob is a technical expert who coaches and mentors subordinates while exhibiting critical thinking and creative problem solving abilities. He has a proven track record of accomplishments and demonstrates a strong value system. He is dedicated to organizational goals, group missions and team success.

    COL Mike Poss, US Army

    1. Thank you Mike. Sure do miss serving with you. Maybe we can team up again someday!

  7. Rob,

    You looked me in eye and told me the truth! Leading by example you provided the motivation and the leadership I needed to make it to the next step in my life journey. Your concern for all who you serve has been an inspiration.

    God’s speed in all your endeavors.
    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” MLK


    1. Thank you very much Gary! I greatly appreciate your faith, service to the Nation, enthusiasm, and friendship. I hope we can team up again!


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