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Internship Team Blog

Perry Internship Team,

Share your thoughts and comments here to help us promote the great work you are doing this summer. Thanks! Rocking W Services.

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5 thoughts on “Internship Team Blog

  1. Super Excited for the next couple of weeks leading to the STEM Camp! 👍🌎

  2. Staying productive over the summer speaks well of these youth. Good job!

    1. Thanks for all of your support Eddie. You believe in what we are doing and we appreciate you and the DMACC team.

  3. 7/24/19

    Today our team got the flyers for STEM camp. Our team split into two groups afterwards with Rafael, Naomi, and Roselyn posting the flyers around downtown Perry. Enrique, Seth, and William went around Perry and posted flyers. While posting flyers Enrique and Seth spoke to Scott from Peters Service Center, they talked about how Rocking W Services is a project based internship that provides DMACC credits also, and they wish Peters Service Center would sponsor us. Scott seems interested in sponsoring us but he said he has to talk about it with John and told us to leave our contact information. Afterwards, our team talked with Eddie and scheduled a time to call IDR – the VR headset company.

    1. Great update and great work team!

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