A Letter From Rob

This consulting firm was created to provide the highest quality professional services for IT and business process change delivery.  In 2018, I was serving as a senior project manager for a major financial services company and wanted to offer more to clients than my role allowed.  I’d been in the company for about four years, after having spent nearly three decades serving in the U.S. Army as a logistics operations officer. I’d say those years in the Army, spent with the best soldiers in the world, shaped me into a servant leader, with the spirit of an entrepreneur. My experiences have also taught me the tremendous value of high performing teams, and more importantly, that high performance teams don’t just appear – they are formed and carefully sustained.

I’m a servant leader who enjoys leading project teams to deliver innovative products with value, on-time, within scope and budget. I listen carefully and learn, in order to capture the diversity of thought among project teams, and to build and sustain trust. Agile, Waterfall, SCRUM, Hybrids…I’m experienced in all of these methodologies.

Clear and concise communication is a key to project success. We built a simple project status communications app as a value add and because too often, other available tools are more complex than needed. The RockStat project status app is available on the Apple App Store at no cost.

I also strongly believe in seeking and leveraging our strengths. My Top 5 “Strengths Finder” Strengths:
1. Belief
2. Arranger
3. Responsibility
4. Analytical
5. Command

The Original Rocking W Rock

I borrowed the Rocking W Services name from my parents.  When my parents were building their house, my dad painted “Rocking W” on a rock, that still sits in front of their home near Leesburg, Virginia.  My parents provided a solid foundation for our family and taught us the value of hard work and dedication.  Most importantly, they set an example of how to be servant leaders and how to give more than you take. This business provides value to clients, following that same principle – servant leadership.

Our Values

Rob Wiley, spent nearly three decades of service in the U.S. Army, learning and living the Army Values along the way. Rocking W Services continues to follow and live by the Army Values.

Selfless Service
Personal Courage


A Service Company Built to Deliver Outstanding Results

Our Services

  • Expert Project & Program Management
  • Strategic Planning – Strategy
  • Team Building and communications improvements
  • Process Improvement
  • Qualifications:

NAICS Codes:

Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541614 Logistics Consulting Services
541620Environmental Consulting Services
541690Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
624230Emergency & other Relief Services